The REAL contributors to this site are all of the students, faculty, and families of the community that raised and supported the Caledonia Class of 1981.  To all who made this site (and our lives) possible, we send a heartly THANK YOU!

Several classmates have provided materials to support this site - we hope to add many more names to the below list as additional content is (hopefully) received.

To date, the following have assisted with materials to bring this site to life:

  • Lori Kidder
  • Cindy Creasy
  • Gary Karel
  • Norm Dragoo
  • Brenda Homrich
  • Barb Moyer
  • Beverly Ripley
  • Doug Koetsier
  • Beth Fountain
  • Diana Phillips
  • Jodi Tolan
  • Todd Barrett
  • Caroline Ashbaugh
  • Tim Overholt
  • Kathy Slagter
  • and me, your host, Dan McDonald

To have your name added to the list, send me some stuff!  If you have materials to contribute, please send me an email.